Dillon, Montana
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This company is awful. They have terrible customer service and they said the patches would be done in 10 days from payment.

It has been 41 days and we have not received anything. I have been calling every few days and each time they say they will check on the patches and call back. THEY NEVER CALL BACK! I do not hear anything so I call again.

Then they say they promise they will call back.

I just called to cancel the order and 'Jose' said he would check to see if he could do that. And that it would need to process.

Go through netpro sourcing, they are amazing and really fast.

Monetary Loss: $108.

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Dear Customer,

Thank you for providing your order number. I have confirmed that everything that you are saying is 100% accurate.

I apologize for doubting your claims, but in the past we have had issues with competitors making up stories about our company, and when we asked for details about the order, they were unable to come up with any details. And yes it is true that we make some of our products in China, but we are an American owned and managed company.

Your complaint is clearly legitimate and I will personally address it ASAP. We have very tight processes and controls over our custom embroidered patches, custom caps and woven labels, but our screen printed patches are a newer process and admittedly some orders have had slower turnaround times.

As promised I will be offering you a full refund, and we will still complete the order and ship it to you. In addition to that I am also going to add an additional 100 pieces to your order of embroidered patches which is a $180 value, so that you can see our lightning quick turnaround time for embroidered patches.

I will be sending an email immediately to Jose to tell him to process a refund for your order, and to also create a new order number to process your free embroidered patches. If your embroidered patches are complete at the same time as your screenprinted patches they will ship together, otherwise if the screenprinted patches are complete first, we will ship those first and the embroidered patches later.

As the largest supplier of custom embroidered patches, it does rarely happen that sometimes out of the over 2000 orders we process each month, that a very small amount of orders slip through the cracks. I sincerely apologize that you were impacted by these delays.

However, as a company we sincerely try to learn from our mistakes, and we take each mistake as an opportunity to tighten up our processes and consistently become a better company every day.

I hope that these measures will help to regain your trust and confidence in The/Studio. Please feel free to continue communication with me directly on this thread, or feel free to email me at joseph@thestudio.com Sincerely, Joseph Heller CEO The/Studio (www.thestudio.com)


Also you make your patches in China as well. Each time I called they would have to contact the factory in China to find out what the delay was.


62 days and counting. Here is the order number: p55014. I just called again two days ago and it was the usual 'we will call back'.


Dear "anonymous",

My name is Joseph Heller and I am the CEO & Founder of The/Studio (thestudio.com). This post was brought to my attention, and I would like to personally respond.

First I am sorry to ask you this, but could you please provide me with your customer number, order number and quantity ordered? It is important that I verify that you are a real customer. As I'm sure you understand, I need to ask you this because in the past there has been fake comments posted about our company. My suspicion is further aroused by the fact that the last sentence in your complaint blatantly advertises the services of one of our competitors that is a Chinese owned and operated company.

Please note that we are the largest supplier of custom embroidered patches in the Unites States, and we have a strict policy of processing refunds immediately upon customer request.

Our staff are trained to immediately submit refunds to our accounting department, and our accounting department is trained to immediately call the customer to verify their details for the refund. This is our strict company policy, and I find it difficult to believe that this would be circumvented.

If you are indeed a legitimate customer, I would like to truly apologize to you for this. If you can provide me the correct and necessary details, not only will we refund your money, but we will also process the order and ship your custom patches to you absolutely free of charge.

We will also investigate together with you the root of this problem, and train the responsible staff member on how to avoid this problem in the future.

I encourage you to respond to my thread here on Pissed Consumer, and I would also like to give you or any other customer the ability to contact me personally via email at joseph@thestudio.com.

Sincerely, Joseph Heller CEO The/Studio thestudio.com

Dillon, Montana, United States #796979

Now at 49 days and I called again and they said they will check with production for the sample, so they were not 'processing the return' they are still doing nothing. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with.

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